Frequently Asked Questions

Where do these prices come from?

We use Amazon's Product Advertising API to retrieve product information across several categories. We then filter, parse, and format the product listings.

How often is this site updated?

Prices are updated every three hours.

How is the data processed?

First, each product name is parsed to determine capacity, quantity, and disk type. We've found this to be more reliable than trusting the product attributes returned by the API. Each product is compared against a listing we maintain of corrections, known fakes, and improbable listings, such as $0.001/GB microSD cards. Once filtered, each product's offers are examined to determine the lowest new and used prices currently available. Finally, we compute price per gigabyte and sort the results.

Why doesn't this product appear on your site?

We aggressively filter our product list to remove duplicates, fake products, spam, and out of stock listings. This results in the removal of approximately 1.9% of all listings.

In some cases, our algorithms cannot correctly classify products into a known category, so they may be unintentionally excluded. The list of unclassifiable products is reviewed by a human editor semi-regularly.

We are also limited by the functionality of the Product Advertising API and cannot retrieve more than 100 items per query and can only perform a limited number of queries per day. This leads to the exclusion of many products with a low sales ranking. If there is a product that you believe should be listed, please email its ASIN to

Why were the listings for my country removed?

Amazon's affiliate program and API access is managed by a different team in each country and some of these teams do not believe that processing, filtering, sorting, editing, and removal of counterfeit products is valuable to the customer. The following marketplaces have threatened or suspended our accounts and are unlikely to return to without clear policy changes from Amazon:,,,

Can you add complex filters and sorting?

The intent of this site is to be a simple reference rather than a comprehensive search index. If you would like to do more complex analysis, try entering the following into Google Sheets: =IMPORTHTML("", "table")

Do you need a graphic designer?

No. This site is designed to maximize information density, accessibility, and performance. More whitespace, colors, and icons won't help.

Why shouldn't I buy the cheapest drive?

Pricing reflects a large number of factors including warranty duration, intended market, manufacturing processes, expected performance, and inventory levels. If you're building a RAID array where you can tolerate some failure and don't need fast seeks, cheap unreliable drives might be acceptable. Backblaze's blog has some excellent posts that enumerate these factors. For information about specific drive models and technologies, AnandTech has very in-depth reviews.

What about shipping?

The prices listed here don't include shipping and taxes, as we don't know where you live. The majority of these listings include free shipping, especially if you have Amazon Prime but make sure to check shipping costs before placing an order.

Who are you? is a production of Legitimate Data Company LLC.

Are you a cop?

Please refer to our Privacy policy.

Is this an ad?

We receive commissions for products purchased through the links on this site through Amazon's Affiliate Program

Additional information

Email with any further questions.

What changed?

2021-11-12 Increased update rate to every three hours

2021-11-11 Added CFexpress and U.2 NVMe categories

2021-08-03 New cache servers in Dublin and Sydney

2021-06-02 Added capacity range filters

2021-05-25 Added IRC channel

2021-05-13 Removed links to, at their request.

2021-05-07 Reduced cache max-age to 10 minutes, added html lang attribute

2021-04-23 Client side performance improvements

2021-04-21 Migrated to faster servers, removed duplicate listings

2021-01-03 Reverted dark mode

2020-12-09 Dark mode for user agents that set prefers-color-scheme: dark

2020-11-27 Added

2020-09-29 Update every six hours, added some missing variations.

2020-04-20 Complete backend rewrite, new frontend layout. Added tapes.

2020-03-15 Added Netherlands link, awaiting API approval.

2020-03-14 Reduce update frequency due to rate limiting.

2020-03-10 Australia region is now available.

2020-02-27 Disabled rounding of prices for Italy, at Amazon's request.

2020-01-31 Migrated to PA-API 5.0

2020-01-12 Added warranty information.

2019-12-03 Turn off Black Friday Mode, updating every six hours.

2019-11-28 Black Friday Mode. Updating hourly, reduced cache TTLs.

2019-10-29 Set a minimum price for all offers to combat new fraud method. Added some metadata for the Bing crawler.

2019-10-26 Setup for Australia.

2019-10-18 Big giant disclaimer moved to the top of the page to comply with new regulations.

2019-10-14 Switched to Cloudflare for CDN and added a link to their cookie policy to the privacy page.

2019-10-12 Filtered some used marketplace scams.

2019-10-04 Corrected price per KWh calculation on

2019-09-18 Removed blank robots.txt. Crawlers can do what they like.

2019-08-24 Migrated to AWS.

2019-03-31 Cleaned up errors in currency formatting, added GB/TB toggle button to diskprices.

2019-03-09 Launched beta. Changed Toggle all behavior to only affect types, not conditions (new, used).

2019-02-24 Added no-transform cache directive to avoid Web Light transcoding, which makes everything worse. Remove stylesheets from faq and privacy pages. Enabled DNSSEC.

2019-02-23 Added used listings. Removed a filter that hid products without free shipping. Removed Internal SAS and XQD Card types, as these no longer appear to be available in any locale. Condensed to make room for the Condition column. Removed unused data attributes. Added FAQ page.

2019-02-10 Updated privacy policy to comply with Google guidelines.

2019-01-24 Added M.2 NVMe type.

2018-12-31 Fixed quantity for products using the word "pieces"

2018-12-22 Fixed quantity for some German products.

2018-12-17 Add filters for a number of fake products.

2018-12-02 Remove filter that hid products not sold directly by Amazon. Add filters for some fakes.

2018-11-27 Filter out products with improbable prices.

2018-11-22 Shorten CDN cache expiration.

2018-11-19 Remove some duplicate listings. Add CSP headers. Add caching headers for redirects.

2018-11-18 Filter out some enclosures.

2018-10-27 Compress responses with gzip if the client supports it. Updated privacy policy to include notice of IP address logging.

2018-09-24 Add a bunch of products that could not be parsed automatically.

2018-09-23 Add favicon and app icons.

2018-09-22 Require HTTPS. Add support for HTTP/2.

2018-07-17 Add a Toggle all button.

2018-05-01 Performance improvements.

2018-04-13 Update footer wording to match new Amazon Affiliates Operating Agreement. Remove Google Analytics tracking.

2018-04-05 Respond to robots.txt

2018-03-31 Filter out a number of spammy listings.

2018-03-28 Round prices to the nearest whole number rather than truncating them.

2018-03-25 Reduce cache TTL.

2018-03-15 Remove a bunch of spammy listings.

2018-03-07 Remove incorrect hreflang tag.

2018-03-03 Internal storage format changes.

2018-01-11 Fix broken data import for Canada. Add listings for India.

2017-09-10 Add France and Italy.

2017-07-19 Remove Japan. Include more Hybrid drives.

2017-07-15 Add M.2 SSD type.

2017-04-20 Filter some spammy listings.

2016-07-14 Add hybrid disks.

2016-05-23 Frontend rewrite.

2015-11-25 Fixed sorting behavior.

2015-08-19 Support HTTPS.

2015-08-17 Don't reload the page upon filter changes.

2015-08-15 Add client-side filters.

2015-08-01 Add External, SD and microSD types.

2015-07-19 Fix caching behavior.

2015-07-18 Update support email address.

2015-07-17 Add non-US locales.

2015-07-15 Internal database changes.

2015-06-22 Inception.